COVID Related Adjustments

We are acutely aware of the impact COVID 19 has had on our community and we have made some changes to continue to provide your children with timely well checks and vaccinations, address non-illness-related concerns, and to see those children who are sick.

  1. Instead of sitting in the waiting room while your room is prepared, we are asking patients to call in when arrived, then wait in their cars. You will receive a phone call notifying you that your child may come in and go directly to their exam room.
  2. We are now utilizing our back door entry, closest to the back exam rooms. Sick children will enter through that door from the side parking lot and be seen in the south hallway of exam rooms. Those patients will not check out at the window and instead leave through the back door again. Billing is handled via mail, online, or phone for sick patients.
  3. Well children will enter through the front door and be seen in the north 2 sets of exam rooms, checking out on their way out through the front door again.
  4. Our staff will all wear masks and any further required PPE. Staff are monitored for symptoms and immediately isolated or quarantined if the situation requires. Further, they are eligible for vaccination due to their contact with sick patients.

These are the changes we ask you to make to help us keep all our patients, especially those with underlying health issues, safe.

  1. All patients 2 years and older, and their accompanying adult, must wear a mask.
  2. Let us know if you or the patient have any symptoms of illness or have been asked to quarantine. This does not automatically disqualify you from a visit, but allows our staff to use the appropriate area of the office for the appointment.
  3. Only one adult and no other children may come in with the patient for their visit. For a newborn’s first few visits, 2 adults are permitted, and please let us know if you have any other particular situation that may require accommodation. The fewer people in the office, the less exposure for those inside.
  4. We are able to conduct some visits by telehealth. Please call and ask if your concern may be addressed this way if that is your preference. to